Saturday, August 13, 2011

The story of a prosperous family

This is the story of a man who started his life in the green meadows of England sowing seeds of sport, spirit and class. As his crop grew popular, he went to different parts of the world to introduce the crop and see how it grows. Let us see its growth in different regions carefully.

First when it was introduced in the Australian outback, the seeds of sport and class grew well and had a bumper crop of class for almost 20 years from 1928 to 1948, thanks to a great worker from there.

Then the man took it to the Indian Subcontinent and the Carribean. The crop's growth in the subcontinent was curious. Once in a while there was a good crop but it couldn't feed the whole bunch. In the Carribean a different breed of the crop grew. Though one can't say that the species of Class was a regular crop here, sport and spirit grew in abundance with a cross breed of ruthlessness. It was the 1970s.

The Australians weren't far behind in understanding the advantages of this crossbreeding and soon used it to maximum effectiveness. In the mean time the old man gave birth to a son, whom the neighbors liked very much and everybody started playing with him. But never was the Old man forgotten. He was always respected wherever he went. Then in the Sub-continent suddenly there was bumper crop in India. In the late 1970s and 1980s both father and son grew in strength and stature through out the world finding excellent workers to work for them.

The advent of 1990s saw the family prosper with some of the best servants of the world to come and work in their fields. The Australian workers tried to cross breed more of ruthlessness to the crop and reaped rich well into the first decade of the new millenium. Meanwhile, the Subcontinental fields saw bumper harvest year after year thanks to some meticulous and hard workers.

At the start of the new millenium the old man became a grand father with a grandson being born in the family. The grandson was playful, enjoyable and much more attractive. In the mean time the Indian station of the old man grew richer and richer and the old man was pleased to see it. The grandchild was given a royal reception in 2008 and it grew with the attention of all the local servants. Slowly the servants started serving the father and the new child and forgot the importance of the old grandfather. As some of the best servants from Australian household retired the father was better served by the Sub-continent or to be precise India.

Came 2011. The father gave the Indian servants a prize for their hard work. But the little 4 year old child still attracted the servants. Instead of taking day off and serve the grand father from next day, the servants played with the child continuously. Then when they got tired, the grand father was completely forgotten. The new servants who grew up with the child, found it difficult to match the discipline and patience of the grand father. And so today on 13th Aug 2011, the grand father left India for his home in England.

The grandfather is Test cricket, the father ODI cricket and the 4 year old child T20(to be precise IPL)

Hope the family comes back to India soon....